In the process of continuous operation and long-term development, Ankang inherits the fine tradition and spirit of the enterprise and adapts to the requirements of the times. Ankang entrepreneurs actively advocate the spirit of enterprise, and all employees consciously practice, thus forming a good group spirit and behavioral norms.


Personalization principle
The idea is unique and insightful, and it does its part for the benefit of the company, but the personal interests must obey the interests of the company.

Simplicity Principle
Corporate values are concise, rich in content, and easy to remember and understand. Enterprise instructions are simple and clear. The novel corporate philosophy will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Human principle
It meas People-oriented.In the enterprise, the customer's interests and the rights of employees are in the first place. To stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the employees,  a scientific corporate philosophy and its effective implementation will make all employees convinced so that the company has a good atmosphere and environment.

Market principle
Good market arrangement and construction, benign market competition.